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How to do well the staff training in Cable company

Source: 轉載自微博 Reproduced from micro-blogPopularity: 1090Time: 2017-01-04SML

Wire and cable industry now, employee mobility is relatively large, the future to maintain normal operation, the recruitment of new staff general cable companies would not stop. Based on the enterprise will not be too large due to the induction of new staff has become a necessary measure.

First, the different period of staff training requirements

1, the new employees to join, the need for staff training

2, some old employees in the practice of continuous exercise, in the promotion of the need to do some training

3, from the perspective of mobilizing the enthusiasm of employees, the need to strengthen staff training

According to the theory of hierarchy of needs, every employee has their own needs, physiological needs, safety needs, the social needs, respect needs to meet the future will continue to pursue the need for self realization, hope that through their own efforts, in the process of enterprise development itself can reach the preset goal, to realize their own value, get continuous development. This kind of satisfaction is not limited by the limited stimulation of material reward. Therefore, the enterprise staff training is not only the needs of the development of enterprises, but also one of the effective ways to retain talent.

Two, the factors affecting the training effect

1, direct mount guard, free retraining. Frequent flow of employees, so that the cable companies are trying to be in a state of shortage of manpower, especially in the wire and cable sales season, often without any training in the recruitment of new recruits directly on the job. Some employees have no work experience, even for the cable industry utterly ignorant of the quality of their work, certainly not up to the requirements. Even if there is a cable work experience of new recruits, not into the enterprise training will continue his work habits in other enterprises. So it is possible to spend more time and energy on the first time.

2, the training content boring, single way. A lot of wire and cable enterprises training basic operating requirements, rules and regulations, light service concept, personnel thought. At the same time, the way is single, with the advance print good presentation, and it doesn't consider reading echo what the books say, jobs and needs of different periods, the same training effect is often not just regular course of official duties.

3, heavy process, light results. Some enterprises as long as the training task, the training content gave the staff even be accomplished, without considering the effect of training. Even if the assessment, are also test papers, the results are not necessarily recorded archive. Lack of proper assessment of the training content, training of personnel, training and training employees not linked, lack of learning pressure, resulting in poor training effect; teaching staff is always in accordance with their methods of training, and no organic combination, so that training had no significant effect but a waste of manpower and material resources. Engineering.