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Domestic wire and cable why it is difficult to go abroad

Source: Reproduced from micro-blogPopularity: 1035Time: 2016-12-26SML

Export cable requires enterprises with strong technical force and abundant funds. Certified by UL as an example, detection of 15 projects below needs about 100 thousand yuan, in addition to the annual fee, fee, fee and other season. The high charge threshold so that many small cable companies can not match, forcing domestic wire and cable enterprises have to choose domestic. Domestic only need to comply with 3C certification, its certification costs less than half of UL certification. For want to export cable companies, just spend huge sums of money to complete certification or not enough, want to export cable a few things must also be done.

First, technical standards

Foreign cable generally require the use of IEC or the British standard, American Standard advanced standard, so enterprises should be familiar with international standard.

Two, laying conditions

In Western Asia, Southeast Asia and other regions of the environmental conditions are relatively special, such as some regions extreme maximum temperature 50 degrees, the highest daily average temperature of 40 degrees C. Therefore, technical data should be concerned with the technical parameters related to the environment (such as the carrying capacity of the correction factor)

Three, cable packaging

The export of cable, the delivery disk is used with the market or just disk structure, and with iron or wood are all sealed packaging. In addition to cable tray size and cable minimum allowable bending radius, consider the size of the container. In strict accordance with the order requirements. Because the packaging of export cable is more complicated than domestic cable, it will affect the cost and delivery time of wire and cable.

Four, other matters needing attention

Before delivery, to provide users with cable technical parameters, cross section, laying instructions and other information, test report should be shipped with the goods. The technical data shall be ensured to be intact; the length of the cable shall be strictly controlled, and the delivery length error shall be minimized. All export products must pass the State commodity inspection department inspection, and issued a commodity inspection certificate.

For want to export wire and cable enterprises, to deal with different market product standards is the inevitable challenge of its business development. Cable manufacturers should be based on their own needs, from the qualification, localization services, target market familiarity and other multi-dimensional selection testing certification bodies, efficient overseas market.