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What is a special cable

Source: Reproduced from the microbloggingPopularity: 1446Time: 2017-01-17SML

Special cables are special-purpose cables which can be used in specific occasions, and special special cables are required to formulate internal controlstandards.Special cables are a series of products with unique performance and special structure, compared to ordinary wire and cable , With high technological content, strict conditions of use, small volume, high added value characteristics. Special cables can be divided into four categories: high temperature wire and cable, functional wire and cable, new green insulated wire and cable, use and structure of special wire and cable.

Prospect Industry Research Institute released the "2015-2020 China's special cable industry market outlook and investment strategic planning analysis of the report" shows that the current special cable cable market in China accounted for about 30% of total sales, about 40 billion yuan. Special cable in the power grid, communications, rail transportation and other fields have a wide range of applications. During the "12th Five-Year Plan" period, the three major regional power grids of "Sanhua" (North China-Huazhong-Huadong), Northeast, Northwest and South will be built in the whole country, and UHV DC transmission lines will be built between the four regional power grids. China "regional power grid internal construction" three vertical and three horizontal "UHV AC grid; Meanwhile, the "12th Five-Year Plan" period, the country will accelerate the fiber broadband network, next-generation Internet and a new generation of mobile communications infrastructure, the basic building broadband, converged, secure next-generation communications infrastructure; In addition, the future railway and urban rail transit and urban Light rail traffic will accelerate the construction. The large-scale investment and construction of cable needs a thorough update and upgrade, special cable usher in a huge opportunity for development.

In addition, the construction sector, automotive, home appliances and mining industry, the rapid development of special cable industry has brought a lot of the market.

t is noteworthy that, China's high-end cable required by almost all rely on imports of cable. Although the number of local manufacturers in China as high as more than 7,000, but almost all concentrated in the low-end areas, by low prices for the market, which has become the bottleneck of the development of domestic enterprises. At present in the profit space of high-grade cable field, China's market is completely seized by multinational giants.