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TPU Material Performance Description

Source: Xinya wire&cable Co.,LtdPopularity: 1232Time: 2017-03-17SML

(A) Weathering resistance

Affected by UV and solar rays, TPU may become brittle. This change begins first from the surface, and the material begins to turn yellow, which may lead to degradation of its mechanical properties. But can be avoided by adding UV stabilizers and pigments. Test method: VDE472-805 standard.

(B) Resistance to substances, gasoline and lubricants, acids and alkaline solutions

Chemical substances will change the performance of TPU materials to varying degrees. The resistance to specific chemicals depends primarily on the concentration and temperature of the dichotomy. In general, the TPU has a good resistance to gasoline and grease, but if the TPU is exposed to gasoline and lubricants, the material Additives and contaminants may cause irreversible damage. TPU has a good resistance to ASTM test gasoline, even at 100 ℃ temperature for several weeks. At room temperature, TPU can be placed in dilute acid and alkaline solution for a short time.

(C) Fire performance

On the TPU fire performance, there are a variety of assessment criteria and requirements. For the cable industry, usually using VDE804TestB for evaluation. The automotive industry uses FMVSS302 (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard). All levels meet this requirement. UL94 is an important international standard. Its flame retardant cannot reach the HB level, flame retardant level IROGAN workers 78P4766 for the yellow card name, to UL 94 VO, the thickness of 1.5-2.2mm between. An 85 P and A 85 P 4380 are usually evaluated using V2 and VO, depending on the thickness of the sample. Has applied for a yellow card name item.

(D) What is the resistance to microbiological attack?

PE-based TPUs are often used for industry antimicrobial attacks. According to DIN57472 (VDE472-804), the saponification value is less than 200 mgKOH / g. Meet the requirements of VDE 0282-10.

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