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Introduction of aluminum cable standards will create a new era of cable industry

Source: XinYa Wire & Cable (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd.Popularity: 1064Time: 2016-09-20SML

Aluminum instead of copper, in the last century, the Chinese have appeared, because there were technical reasons could not get the promotion and application. Currently, through technological breakthroughs and innovation, to overcome the shortcomings of aluminum cable, the development is now superior performance aluminum cable. Currently, less use of aluminum cable is due to the country have yet to develop national standards for aluminum cables.

It is reported that China Unicom and China Mobile Research Institute, as well as some begin to develop standards of aluminum cable, aluminum cable will the future may be promoted as a new product. Once the standard is published, aluminum cable will usher in a good growth opportunity.

Along with the relevant authorities on the recognition and promotion of aluminum cable, aluminum cable in recent years been widely used and well received in a number of key national projects applications. With the advantages of aluminum cable for the gradual application providers more acceptable, aluminum cable will make a significant contribution to energy saving, environmental improvement in China.