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Why does the wire need electronic irradiation

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Because of the molecular structure of the relationship, the general insulating material has its essentially insurmountable shortcomings. Due to high scores The sub-polymer insulating material is composed of a group of long-chain molecules connected, when heated, the distance between molecules.From the increase, resulting in polymer molecular structure becomes weak, soft, and even melt. So if it is in the neighborhood .Some long chains of molecules between the fixed chain, will be able to prevent or reduce the polymer molecules heat after the deterioration

Phenomenon, thereby increasing its physical and mechanical properties, for electrical insulation must be valuable. In chemistry,The process of changing the molecular structure of the polymer molecule into a three-dimensional space is called crosslinking. In the wire process, the electron irradiation is achieved to make the molecular crosslinking of the insulating material most effective.The method of reliability, homogeneity and chemical reaction rate and its reproducibility are quite high. Especially for thin.Insulated wire or smaller cable cross-linked, electronic irradiation is a great way. The face of a variety of wire production  Light, thin, short, small stringent requirements, electronic irradiation cross-linking provides the best direction.