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High frequency wire test debugging to explain

Source: Xinya wire&cable Co.,LtdPopularity: 1556Time: 2017-03-13SML

Twisted test, but why should the two-core tension in order to achieve the desired test value?
1. Because the core wire in the production process of the size of the two core diameter, static capacitance, conductor, diameter is not round, the tension is inconsistent and other reasons, resulting in two pairs of core transmission can not arrive at the same time, so need to test according to the test value Two-core tension (simply a fast transmission, a slow, you need to transfer a fast, pull the tension pull back).
2. Debugging method
Example: If the two cores are consistent with the post-test value Skew is: -90PS.
At this time should be adjusted white core tension, if the Skew value: 90PS at this time should be red tension.
Note: Because of the need to debug tension to achieve the desired test value, this wire will not be very stable, so the process should be strictly in accordance with the operation of high-frequency wire production process to ensure quality.